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Nationwide Rubber Mulch Playground Swing Mats

Swing Mats - $49.00 ea

Nationwide Rubber Mulch Playground Swing Mats are sized for optimum use in playgrounds at 23" wide by 38" and they weigh 26lbs. Swing mats are developed for use under swing areas and slides to provide protection where a fall to surface may happen. These mats greatly reduce maintenance and prevent product from being kicked out of the play area, a problem that occurs with loose fill products.

You can place these versatile rubber mats under swings right on top of your existing playground surface and they are easy to maintain, simply by brushing off any loose materials that collect. The surfacing below the swing mats will give extra cushioning to the area.

Swing mats are the best way to prevent ruts under your children's swing sets and slides. Made from 100% recycled rubber, these Swing Mats are sturdy enough so they tend to stay in place once they are installed. At Nationwide Rubber Mulch, we actually manufacture our own in-house swing mats, and as a result, we have the lowest price on the market. Ask us about combining your swing mats order with your playground surfacing and you will pay little or no shipping on these swing mats!

Swing mats can be used in residential or commercial applications and will last a long time. Contact us at 845-855-9700 to order yours today.

Swing mats from Nationwide Rubber Mulch.
Rubber Playground Swing Mats

Nationwide Rubber Mulch playground products provide that extra margin of safety and offer careful parents greater peace of mind by making the backyard playground a fun place, but also a very safe place, for kids.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides extensive analysis of playground injuries, and their causes. They found that more than 200,000 children go to US hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground activities. Make your playground as safe as you can by using products from Nationwide Rubber Mulch today!.

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